Psychological Preparedness of Users is Key to Success of Online Learning

Prof. Mrs. Goski Alabi, Consulting President of Laweh Open University College, says it is high time users are prepared psychologically to accept online learning in order to achieve maximum gains.

According to Prof. Mrs. Alabi, psychological preparedness of users has been identified as a key challenge to online learning, hence it is crucial for users to be receptive to this mode of instructional delivery to reap all of its advantages.

She gave this advice while addressing the First International Pharmaceutical and Medical Science Conference in response to COVID-19 Pandemic. She spoke on the topic ‘ Edu Tech and Health Education in Africa Amidst COVID-19.’ The September 1-3 live webinars are under the theme: Support Health Care Heroes.

Besides psychological preparedness, she identified quality of Learning Management System, effective student support, quality of examinations, extent of users knowledge of online facilities, availability of facilities for science education, and collaborative research, among others, as other key issues in online learning.

Prof. Mrs. Goski, whose background includes phytochemistry, recommended the use virtual reality and augmented reality as solutions relative to the lack of physical laboratories, which are seen as huge challenges to science education in general and health education in particular.

She noted that transitioning from face-to-face mode of instructional delivery to virtual and online learning due to COVID-19 has brought into sharp focus key issues, including Internet reliability, affordability and availability in the scheme of things.

She pointed out that the pandemic has affected learning activities of a whopping 80 per cent of students worldwide and it would be expedient for preparation to be made, while going into the future, for other uncertainties.

The webinars are collaborative effort of Al-Azhar University, Egypt; Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Pharmacy for Girls; Egyptian Knowledge Bank; Association of African Universities North Africa Regional Office; and Advanced Multiple Incorporation, Ontario, Canada.

Participants had the opportunity to pay a virtual visit to the charming attractions and historical sites of Egypt and also witnessed the culture of the country.

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