Bachelor of Law (LLB)


The Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB) Programme is a scholarly practitioner programme designed to provide practical legal education enabling law graduate to practice and/ or provide the legal opinion to the community or society when this service is needed. The nature of the programme is to enable non-law graduates to train for a career as legal advisers. It satisfies the Academic Stage of training for these professions and provides excellent preparation for the training of legal practitioners. The Bachelor of Laws Programme (LLB) is offered through blended mode, i.e Moodle, distance, and partially taught programme. Our LLB programme recognizes the need to provide an academically challenging degree which will provide the student with a sound knowledge of legal concepts and an understanding of the operation of law in society. A wide range of legal and business law electives are available to enable the student to study areas relating to his or her personal, vocational and academic interests.



Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:
  • Describe the legal system in Ghan
  • Identify, locate and critically appraise legal materials for scholarly review.
  • Apply the principles of law and legal rules to solve and analyze practical problems, and to advise what to do in practical situations.
  • Reason logically, supporting the process with authority
  • Integrate the necessary personal and key skills to enable them to develop as independent, autonomous and reflective individuals and generally as developing professionals.
  • Conduct independent legal research, and develop¬†communication skills.