Professor Kurasha is Professor of Philosophy and the Coordinator of the Higher Degrees Directorate at Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU). He joined ZOU in 2010 with an impressive academic record. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from University of York, a Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Lancaster, all in Canada and Master of Arts in Philosophy, with a specialty in Logic and Philosophy of Mind from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He also holds a Masters of Arts in Christian Theology from the University of Zimbabwe, and a Ph.D. from Georgetown University, the oldest Jesuit university in North America. Prof Kurasha holds a high school teacher’s certificate from the University of Lancaster and his specialty was History and Religious Education besides a certificate in Biblical Theology from Cliff College in England.
Professor Kurasha has taught at five American universities and colleges including teaching at Elmira Prison: a maximum facility in New York State USA. He has given 107 international presentations and lectures in many countries including Germany, South Korea, United States, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya. Many of his publications have been translated into German, Chinese, and Spanish. He was the first Zimbabwean to hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a whole generation of contemporary philosophers, in Zimbabwean universities and colleges, were taught or supervised by Professor Kurasha.