Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism



Programme Description

The basis of journalism is information – discovering, collecting, assembling, analysing and presenting information. To do this effectively, journalists require highly developed skills in language, a good understanding of the media, an interest in current affairs and a broad general knowledge. By undertaking this course, students graduate with highly developed skills in written communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and interpersonal understanding. A holistic approach in terms of blend of subjects has been adopted to broaden students’ knowledge in other fields, thus expanding their opportunities to work in different areas of journalism.

Contemporary Journalism practice is very demanding and challenging in that it requires Practitioners to go beyond the immediate and obvious to produce well-researched stories and analytical pieces that reflect all sides of a subject matter. Stories should be rich in depth, balance, context and multiple sources. The programme has therefore been designed to meet these requirements.

 Programme Objectives

 The objectives of the programme are as follows:

·         To provide a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the major concepts, models and theories of journalism and mass communication, management, research and gender issues.

·         To provide knowledge of media laws, media ethics, journalism processes and principal features of media systems which reflects today’s age of high technological advancement, competitive industries and tough economy.

·         To enable students apply concepts, models, theories, laws, ethics and management skills to solve practical journalism problems.

·         To prepare students for postgraduate studies and to enable them to develop as autonomous and knowledgeable developing professionals.

  • To  equip students with the competencies to develop strategies for writing good and analytical stories