Course Category: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

BA Economics

Programme Description Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, and governments make decisions when faced with limited resources, and how the market mediates those decisions. The Business Economics major revolves around the systematic study of the production, allocation, and conservation of resources, together with the organizational frameworks that govern these processes. Problem-solving skills are […]

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PhD in Arts and Social Sciences

Programme Overview The programme is designed to strengthen learners to undertake advance independent research to make a significant, original contribution to knowledge and understanding in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences. The Ph.D. in Arts & Social Sciences will provide you with advanced specialist research training and expert knowledge of the discipline in an international […]

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BA Social Psychology

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Social Psychology Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study the cognitive, affective, attitudinal, and motivational underpinnings of social behavior.  Using a variety of methodological strategies ranging from the observation of interpersonal interactions to computerized reaction-time tasks to the examination of neural activity, students and faculty explore behavior. The […]

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MA Mass Communication

MASTER OF ARTS IN MASS COMMUNICATION PROGRAMME Programme philosophy The Master of Arts in Mass communication is designed to meet the needs of the labour market and educational needs of recent graduates and professionals. The program’s curriculum emphasizes the integrated nature of the communication discipline. For example, the program offers education in Communication research, theories […]

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MA JOURNALISM Programme  Philosophy The Master of Arts in Journalism aims at equipping graduate students with knowledge and skills necessary for meeting challenges facing mass media in the country. The course offers Advanced Communication Research Methods, Investigative Journalism, Editorial Writing and News Analysis, Public Opinion and Media, Applied News Analysis and Master’s Dissertation as core […]

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BA Mass Communication

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN MASS COMMUNICATION (B.A. MASS COM)   For an entity (organisations, groups and individuals) to position itself strategically on the business landscape to gain competitive advantage and/or carve a positive image for itself, its mass communication messages must be delivered effectively and efficiently.  The programme seeks to equip students with skills and […]

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN JOURNALISM (BA JOURNALISM)   Programme Description The basis of journalism is information – discovering, collecting, assembling, analysing and presenting information. To do this effectively, journalists require highly developed skills in language, a good understanding of the media, an interest in current affairs and a broad general knowledge. By undertaking this course, […]

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