Bachelor of Arts with Education (BA-Ed)

Programme Philosophy


The programme is designed to produce trained and qualified teachers who have adequate subject matter knowledge and can employ critical and reflective thinking in their analysis of educational issues in general, and curricular and pedagogical issues relating to business education in particular. Gain extensive professional experience at schools throughout this three-year program, with internship placements commencing in the second year. These begin with observing and interacting with small groups of primary school students, and later expand to include patterns of classroom interaction, teacher-developed curriculum materials and whole-school activities. When you undertake professional experience in the third year, you will be fully competent to teach.


Programme Objectives

It envisions that the programme would enable students to:

  • Develop competencies, knowledge, and skills of students to enable them to operate effectively as tutors in the¬†second¬†cycle public and private institutions.
  • Equip students with management and entrepreneurial skills to make them function effectively as corporate administrators in the public and private sectors of the economy.
  • Prepare students for higher academic and professional pursuits.
  • Produce teachers and facilitators who will effectively implement the Education Reform Programme
  • Promote basic and applied research Education