Master of Laws, LLM


The Master of Laws Programme intends to provide a unique opportunity to students who want to provide their ability in their areas of specialization taking into account to that this programme is purely self-studies where students do concentrate in their areas of specialization. The Programme aims at producing legal experts equipped with good analytical skills to tackle current legal problems arising from the changing nature of society in the third world and other countries in the world in social, economic and political sectors. It is a result oriented programme that enables a candidate to be fully equipped to tackle specified specialized legal problems and issues in various areas and specialties offered by the Faculty of law. The candidate may also with the permission of the Dean of the Faculty opt to do his/her course on traditional subjects under offer.


Upon successful completion of this Programme, students will be able to:
  • Provide a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principal features of the legal system
  • Enable students to identify, locate and critically appraise legal materials.
  • Enable students to apply the principles of law and legal rules to solve and analyze practical problems, and to advise what to do in practical situations.
  • Reason logically, supporting the process with authority.
  • Provide students with the necessary personal and key skills to enable them to develop as independent, autonomous and reflective individuals
  • Develop student’s skills to undertake tasks and carry out independent legal research, and developed communication skills.