PhD in Arts and Social Sciences

Programme Overview

The programme is designed to strengthen learners to undertake advance independent research to make a significant, original contribution to knowledge and understanding in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences. The Ph.D. in Arts & Social Sciences will provide you with advanced specialist research training and expert knowledge of the discipline in an international context. It will open doors to academic, research and professional roles nationally and internationally. Learners will able to demonstrate excellent research skills by producing a high-quality thesis in their field of interest. Your research will be supervised by scholars who are progressive thinkers and creators, and national leaders in their fields. The thesis will provide evidence for your independent investigation and summaries the research you have completed over three to four years. The program thus offers learners an opportunity to be considered an integral part of the Arts & Social Sciences research community and have the chance to mix with a diverse grouping of enquiring and adventurous scholars. You will begin work on your dissertation immediately. The curriculum begins with programs of research to help you determine your topic and incorporates credit-bearing dissertation research seminars with assistance blended into coursework. Expert faculty and advisors provide the right assistance at the right time when you need it. Each facet of your education builds on the others to take you seamlessly through your program and to your goal of a Ph.D. Hence, throughout the program, you will build a professional portfolio that demonstrates your doctoral competencies in any social science discipline.

Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, students should be able to:
  • Develop methodological, analytical and professional skills in¬† scholarly¬† research;
  • Acquire a wide scope of understanding of the programs to be researched in.
  • Develop wider reasoning and analysis in their areas of specialization;
  • Conduct independent research without difficulty
  • Inculcate mastery and confidence among students in their areas of specialization
  • Acquire entrepreneurship skills