BA Economics

Programme Description

Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, and governments make decisions when faced with limited resources, and how the market mediates those decisions. The Business Economics major revolves around the systematic study of the production, allocation, and conservation of resources, together with the organizational frameworks that govern these processes. Problem-solving skills are woven into the program curriculum. The major is designed to prepare students for careers as the business or financial analysts, grant writers, actuaries, insurance analysts, and investor relations representatives. The coursework also provides an excellent foundation for future business and community leaders, public policy researchers, and consultants.


  • To provide an in-depth knowledge of economics and to enable students to apply the knowledge and understanding gained in this subject area.
  • To enable students to study and apply the principles of economics to different types of practical situation that will be useful for future employment.
  • To encourage ongoing critical, evaluative and strategic ways of thinking in all areas.
  • To recognize the importance of the industry–education relationship and to offer opportunities for learning in other environments.
  • To provide successful graduates of the programme with an educational and training profile that will equip them for employment in a range of sectors.


Progression and Graduation

  • To progress from semester to semester, a student is required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 1.50
  • A student shall be allowed to repeat a course until he/she has passed the paper so far as she is within the GPA of not less than 1.50.
  • Courses designated as pre-requisites to more advanced courses must be passed before the latter courses are offered.
  • A student, after successful completion of a semester, can, upon written application giving reasons and after approval has been granted defer and continue in the appropriate semester.
  • Students shall also participate in live virtual streaming lectures and virtual classrooms and where necessary avail themselves on campus for the face to face intermittent programmes
  • Must fulfill four times mandatory visit to the university within the period of study
  • Students shall pass a minimum of 92-course credits  to be eligible for graduation for level 100 entry
  • Students shall pass a minimum of 60-course credits  to be eligible for graduation for level 200 entry