BA Mass Communication



For an entity (organisations, groups and individuals) to position itself strategically on the business landscape to gain competitive advantage and/or carve a positive image for itself, its mass communication messages must be delivered effectively and efficiently.  The programme seeks to equip students with skills and knowledge required to perform such tasks. The programme is designed to allow, learners to examine and analyze various forms of communication strategies and mediums including mass media, and even more importantly, equip you to gain successful work in this continuously evolving field. The degree in Mass Communications is an interdisciplinary programme of study and opens up doors to a spectrum of careers, from advertising and broadcasting to public relations and publishing. The target audience is prospective candidates wishing to have career in this field of communication and media management.

Programme Objectives

·         To provide a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the major  mass communication theories and concepts, models and theories of public relations, advertising, management, media and audience research and gender issues;


·         To provide knowledge on media culture, performance and accountability  as well as on media laws, media ethics, mass communication processes, global mass communication and its imperialism effects;


·         To provide knowledge on media monopoly, media convergence, media concentration, media oligopoly and its effects;


·         To empower students with knowledge on the differences between old media and new media;


·         To enable students apply mass communication theories, concepts, models, media laws and ethics and  media management skills to analyse and solve practical mass communication challenges facing global media; 


·         To provide journalistic skills, ability to undertake mass communication tasks and carry out media and audience research;


·         To prepare students for postgraduate studies and to enable them to develop as autonomous and knowledgeable developing professionals.