Programme  Philosophy

The Master of Arts in Journalism aims at equipping graduate students with knowledge and skills necessary for meeting challenges facing mass media in the country. The course offers Advanced Communication Research Methods, Investigative Journalism, Editorial Writing and News Analysis, Public Opinion and Media, Applied News Analysis and Master’s Dissertation as core subjects. The course also offers Broadcasting Journalism in Competitive Age, Editing, Layout, and Graphics in the Changing World, Strategic Media Management and New Media Journalism as elective subjects. The need for the expertise in these areas arises from various factors including lack of news analysis and poorly written editorials in local media and presence of media managers who have not received training in media management. At the end of the programme, learners will be expected to have acquired competencies in managing media organizations; editorial writing and news analysis. Ultimately, the programme will produce competent senior media professionals who can turn around the current editorial content into the issue related and provide ethical leadership and management. Besides, the programme prepares students for careers in research and academic, thereby enabling graduates to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in social sciences in general and journalism in particular.


Programme objectives

Students would be able to:

  • Develop innovative knowledge, skills, and values in news analysis, editorial writing, and management
  • Manage media houses and organizations media strategy; editorial writing and news analysis
  • Assess and analyze theories, concepts, and policies related to media
  • Develop specialized theoretical and applied training in investigative journalism,  news analysis, and editorial writing
  • Communicate effectively media research and report writing
  • Identify and analyze problems and possible solutions for media operations and issues
  • Develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, intellectual skills, professional skills and transferable/key skills.
  • Analyze national and international current affairs